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Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Iceland - Southbound

Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Iceland – Southbound

Natural splendour, bountiful wildlife and a pioneering spirit all coalesce in the High Arctic, a region once reserved for only the hardiest of travellers but now open to anyone with a real yearning for adventure. Starting out from the isolated Spitsbergen outpost of Longyearbyen, this expedition heads down through the Arctic Circle, taking in the islands of the Svalbard Archipelago, the north-east coast of Greenland and the journey over the Denmark Strait to Iceland. Following in the proverbial wake of explorers past, you’ll be treated to stunning sceneries of vast glacial walls, sprawling fjord systems and icebergs the size of skyscrapers. Time spent on the ship will include educational presentations on tales of polar exploration and seabird identification, while there’ll be plenty of opportunities for spotting the region’s famed wildlife during Zodiac excursions. This voyage across the Arctic Circle allows travellers to experience three different countries of the Arctic in a relatively short space of time.



    • Seek out unforgettable Polar Bears sightings while roaming the hunting grounds of this ruler of the Arctic
    • Discover the history of Greenland with explorations of the ruins of ancient Thule settlements and learn about the Inuit life in Ittoqqortoormiit
    • Experience how this incredible environment is ever-changing while cruising through freshly birthed icebergs in Scoresbysund
    • Kayaking on crisp, clear Arctic waters is a unique and intimate way of exploring this amazing region. Book early as these activities can sell out fast

    06/21/2023 through 09/04/2024
    06/21/2023 through 09/21/2024

    Day 1 Helsinki, Finland
    Day 2 Helsinki, Finland – Longyearbyen, Norway – Embarkation Day
    Day 3-6 Exploring Spitsbergen
    Day 7-8 Greenland Sea
    Day 9-12 Exploring East Greenland
    Day 13-14 Crossing the Denmark Strait
    Day 15 Disembarkation Day – Reykjavik, Icealnd

    08/26/23 - 09/09/23

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    09/07/24 - 09/21/24

    Starting At $14,590

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