Ride A Submarine in Cozumel!

The next time you are in Cozumel make sure to check out the Atlantis Submarines! The submarine dives down deep in the beautiful blue waters of Cozumel. You will see sea life, coral, a sunken ship and more!

Their office is conveniently located just north of the international pier. From this location you will board a boat that will take you out to the submarine. If you booked through your cruise line or another way they may pick you up from the entrance to the pier (please check with the company that you book through). You can book easily through their website https://www.atlantissubmarines.travel/submarine-expedition/

Once you board the submarine there is a guide who explains everything that you are seeing which makes the experience so much more enjoyable. The guide speaks in both Spanish and English.

I was very pleased with how professional their staff were and how organized the experience was.

So instead of staying on the ship or the resort next time you are in Cozumel head over to Atlantis Submarine and you will be glad you did!